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I decided to go backwards. We did IVF #1 which was converted to an IUI, then we canceled IVF #2 because I had a bad reaction to Lupron, and we got pregnant (and miscarried) on IVF #3. Our RE told us she couldn’t help us, that if we wanted to continue we had to do DE or change clinics. BUT, she said we could do Clomid cycles with her if we wanted to, so that we didn’t “waste time”. In the spirit of “try every single possible thing we can to make this happen” we decided to go ahead and do it, even though it seems like going backwards.

First, it is a hell of a lot easier than injectables. 2 little pills at bedtime and that’s it. Similar side effects to injectables, only an order of magnitude smaller. Bloated, but can still button my jeans (by this point during IVF cycles I couldn’t even LOOK at my jeans). Moody, but just a little. However, I started having shooting pains in my left ovary, which is weird. Dr. Google says it’s either a cyst (I hear they’re quite common with Clomid) or follicles growing (wouldn’t that be strange). I know I had similar pains during my IVF cycles so I’m not TOO concerned. Time will tell I suppose. We go in for a trans-vag ultrasound on the 28th to see when we’ll trigger, and then will do an IUI a few days later.

I don’t think it’ll work. I haven’t been able to dig up a single “my friends sisters boss’s daughter did Clomid after IVF and it worked for her” posts. I even had wine at Thanksgiving which I would never do during an IVF cycle where I feel like we have a chance. If I’m honest with myself all I really want is that ultrasound. I’ve been on the herbal supplements for almost a month and I want to know if they’re working! Do I have more follicles than before? Are they maturing properly? Am I going to ovulate early like I always did before (day 9-10 for O, which is too early!) or have the meds started to regulate that? What is going on inside my ovaries?!?!? Are the supplements likely to help with our future IVF cycles or is this whole thing an exercise in futility?

Don’t get me wrong, if this works….I’ll be over the moon. Obviously. I’ll buy everyone I see a drink and cigar. It’s just hard to imagine that after all the heavy artillery and hard core medical help we gave our reproductive systems during IVF that 2 little pills at bedtime will be any help at all. After all, we did ICSI – they actually took one of his sperm and injected it into my egg. If his sperm are too ADHD to find my egg in a petri dish how are they ever going to navigate my uterus and fallopian tubes?

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